New season, new team! Although the events were cancelled this summer, the team is already immersed in the new project. The development on alvier continues for another year to make it even faster for the competitions in 2021.

Despite a troublesome season which was suddenly interrupted in March, the team was able to make the best of the circumstances and finalise AMZ’s 14th race car before the end of last season. Since alvier didn’t have a chance to show it’s potential during competitions, we decided to take the chance and validate all the concepts of the car during test days at the beginning of the season and get the most out of alvier

September was once again the month, in which the new team, consisting of 15 mechanical and 2 electrical engineers of ETH Zürich, 4 students from the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne and 7 new freelancer students, embarked on their journey to work on this year’s focus project. Due to the circumstances regarding Covid-19, this season will be the first one in the history of AMZ,  in which the team won’t develop and create a completely new car, but rather work on detailed analysis and enhancements of last year’s car, alvier. This will guarantee exceptional competitiveness for the events in the upcoming summer. Nevertheless, the team is eager and willing to push alvier further to its limits to get AMZ back to winning days.

To learn more about the current challenges in the project, read our newsletter in English (PDF) or in German (PDF).