A week after the exciting race in Hockenheim, we headed to Barcelona to face the competition from Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Delft and Munich one last time. In preparation of the season finale, all the teams sought to squeeze the maximum racing performance out of their cars because the fight for the first place in the World Ranking was still undecided. The effort paid off: we succeeded in an almost perfect event. First places in Engineering Design, Cost, Acceleration, Skidpad and Endurance as well as second places in the Autocross and Efficiency secured our overall victory with an outstanding 982 out of 1000 points. A new AMZ record!

Season finale in Barcelona

A week after the exciting race in Hockenheim, the Formula Student Community met again for the season finale in Barcelona. The strongest competitors from Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Munich and Delft also attended the event on the Circuit de Catalunya. All of them seeking to squeeze the maximum racing performance out of their cars in the last outing of the year. While Delft, Munich and Karlsruhe were fighting for their first victory, AMZ and Stuttgart were both eyeing the top of the Formula Student world ranking list. The five days in the Spanish sun promised demanding and exciting races.

Interview with our drivers

Compared to the clearly defined tracks in the Acceleration and Skidpad, those of the Autocross and Endurance are always different and much longer. Hence, the skills of the drivers are crucial for these disciplines. In the interview, the team’s three main drivers Marc Seehofer, Raphael Wolfensberger and Fabio Vettiger give an insight into the challenge of driving a Formula Student racecar. Formula Student sets only three requirements for drivers: they must be at least 18 years of age, be a student and have a driver’s license. Marc comes from within the AMZ team; he designed the suspension for gotthard as a core team member and led the suspension module for pilatus. Fabio is an economics student at the ZHAW and Raphael studies psychology at the University of Zurich. All three of them always had a great affinity for motorsports, but before driving pilatus, they had no further experience with actual racing except for riding so called «Seifenkisten» (gravity racers) or go-karts as a hobby. 

You can read up on how our drivers managed to be quicker than everyone else in the interview in our Formula Student Spain Newsletter: Download (PDF)