As the days are getting colder, the AMZ premises are getting busier than ever. The young engineers are tirelessly finalizing the design of «pilatus». The Christmas holidays mark one of the most important milestones: after three months of intense work the design of the race car will be finished by the end of the year.

From concept to design freeze

The path from the concept to the final design of the car is lengthy and difficult. The team members struggle with new challenges on a daily basis. Most problems are only apparent when the components are designed in detail. The vehicle concept was used to determine the functions each component has to fulfill. The main focus of the design is that the component can perform these functions in the best possible way. And now, in the design phase, the aim is to design the components such that it can perform these functions in the best possible way.

The Bootcamp

By Christmas, all parts will be designed. After enjoying some restful days at home with their families, the team will meet again for the so-called boot camp. Everything has to be checked again so that things fit together properly and compliance with all rules is ensured. The components are optimized one last time to shave of the last grams of weight. Subsequently, the technical drawings are made and sent off to partners, initiating the production phase

We invite you to read all about the completion of the design phase in our December-newsletter: Download (PDF)